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Jasmine Lao is an exotic thirty-year-old virgin from The Philippines. She has been married to her career as a healthcare professional, saving lives day in and day out. But she’s become bored…wanting something new and exciting. Steven Gates is strikingly handsome and knows what he wants. The owner of The Gates Energy dropped into Jasmine’s office for an appointment, and the moment they met, the mutual attraction was undeniable. However, Steven is married… and he could have cancer. Nigel Gates, the globetrotting identical twin brother of Steven sees Jasmine as a precious flower sent from heaven. He is determined to win her heart and to take her with him to the ends of the earth. Jasmine finds herself entangled in an unexpected love affair involving intense passion, deception, and loss at the hands of the Gates brothers.
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BeBe Bartoons
BeBe Bartoons are good and fun refillable lip balms. Each collectible comes in yummy unique flavours. Lip balm is made from aloe butter and vit. E and other good stuff. There are no eggs, nuts, dairy and other potential allergens. Safe even for kids!
Becket is the assistant to New York Times bestselling author Anne Rice. He is the author of ten other books, including three books of poetry, and is a composer of music and has produced his instrumental music album. He also writes and illustrates the highly popular webcomic, Anne & Pythagoras. His best-selling memoir, American Monk, recounts the years he lived in a Benedictine monastery.
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