Sell on Blink

Sell books, magazines and other items through Blink and reach thousands of loyal customers!

Selling your books and other items on Blink couldn't be easier. Take a minute to submit your application form to us, and we'll set up your own virtual store on our site so you can start earning!

Sell on Blink

Why Sell on Blink?

✔ No monthly or joining fees
Sell all you want, no expiration, no limits.

✔ Fixed transaction fee
A fixed 8% 15% fee charged only after you make a sale.

✔ Mobile app to manage orders
A mobile app to help you manage your orders while on the go.

How it works?

1. Sign up now and list your products.

2. Ship orders to your customers

3. Payment gets credited to your seller account.

Get Started

No time to manage orders? You can send us your books for consignment and we'll do the selling for you! Contact us to know more.